Bottom of the Barrel

Rain chain

Yesterday there was a 10% chance of thunderstorms in the forecast so I was almost giddy with delight when the sky became dark and foreboding late in the afternoon. Unfortunately, after delivering about 8 raindrops, the storm hurried away. Thanks to La Nina, it’s been a dry spring here. The average rainfall for Albuquerque is about a half inch per month in March and April. This spring we’ve received only an eighth of an inch since February. That means my five fifty gallon rain barrels are almost empty, with no hope in sight for replenishment. I was planning to sustain my new kitchen garden solely by irrigating with water from the rain barrels. Considering the roof scuppers conduct about 9,000 gallons of water per year off of the roof, that’s not really an unreasonable scheme. However, it looks like this week I will need to make the switch to County water. Of course, now I feel completely justified in purchasing the five additional rain barrels I’ve been planning to install before the rainy season begins. I think I’m becoming a water hoarder.

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