Blue Skies and Sunshine

Yup, It’s that time of year already. Monsoon season has come and gone, without delivering any significant rain, and the skies have returned to the magnificent NM blue that sets off the Maximillian sunflower so nicely. Wait a minute, here’s a better example:

This spring I moved my Maximillian down slope to the edge of the drainage swale and, thanks to this damper site, the stalks have actually reached 5′ tall (as opposed to the stunted 3′ tall stalks of the previous years). I do give it a bit of extra water occasionally – about once per month I’ll give it a drink if I’m walking by with the watering can. This new location is also very handy as the neighboring cholla grabs the stalks when the wind blows and keeps them standing. I also like the way it looks – the cheery yellow flowers among the spikes. Two weeks ago I added a sporobolus wrightii to the grouping. I’m imagining the giant billowing grass will be a nice addition to the tableau.


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