April Showers

For the first time in several days, the sun is out in full force. Having several cloudy, drizzly days in a row is a rare luxury around here, and a welcome relief – the garden was already quite dry and crispy before the cold damp weather came in. Ok, so maybe I could have done without the 3x hail on friday:

2015-04-24 16.22.50

Fortunately nothing was too damaged – some bruised and shredded leaves, but no worse that what the wild birds are inflicting. The tomatoes I had planting the week before came through ok:


and with the extra moisture and the return of the sun, I expect to see a big growth spurt this week. The cool weather did slow down the germination of the beans (yes, even though I know half of them will get gnawed before they grow an inch and I’ll end up resowing indoors in blocks, I still try to direct sow my beans) but now they’re starting to pop up:


Of course the spring veg loved the return of cool weather – the lettuce is lush, and the peas are just starting to form pods – nice and early this year, so hopefully I’ll get a bit of a harvest:


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