I love this time of year. The mad dash to keep up with the spring chores has ended. I’ve accepted that whatever projects haven’t been completed probably won’t get done this year, and I have a few weeks off until I need to start seeds for the fall plantings. This is the time of year I really get to enjoy the garden, especially in the mornings, when the air is cool and a little damp, before the scorching sun is too high in the sky.

This morning I harvested a perfect beet that will become lunch:PKS_1761 And admired the way the Santolina has grown around the container of Egyptian walking onions:PKS_1746In the front yard, thanks to all the rain, the Mexican Hat is knee high, and blooming prolifically:PKS_1752 And the show of cacti blooms is winding down, but is still plenty colorful:PKS_1754

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