Tomato Season!

It’s officially tomato season here!PKS_1958

The Punta Banda tomatoes have been ripening – the first harvest was about 10 days ago, and a slow trickle of small ripe tomatoes has followed. I also harvested the first Nichols Heirloom yesterday. As always, you’ll notice most of the plants have yellow leaves towards the inside and bottom of the plants. This year, I’m pretty sure all the damage has been caused exclusively by these guys:PKS_1984Do you need a closer look:
PKS_1984-2Yup, spider mites. They seem to do the most damage to the bean, tomato and cucumber plants (you can see all the little yellow spots from their sucking). This year, I’ve been trying to spray the plants with the hose every couple of days, in the evening. That seems to be keeping things somewhat in check, as in lots of plants are showing damage, but none have totally succumbed. Things are a little bit worse right now since I was out of town for over a week and the garden was left to its own devices. Fortunately it has been relatively humid and rainy, which I think helps, as the mite population seems to decrease as monsoon season builds. Mostly, I’m just trying to keep the plants happy and growing, so they can overcome any damage and keep producing.

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