Auspicious beginnings

Echinocereus coccineus

I’ve been stalking “carrot top” (what, you don’t have pet names for your favorite plants?) for the past week waiting for the blooms. I didn’t think this cactus would survive the first year as a homesteader in my nascent xeric garden. There seemed to be what looked like the beginning stages of rot, to my untrained eye, that emerged during the week between purchase and planting last spring. I figured this would be one of the many plants crossed off my plant inventory list due to “user error.” So, I was quite surprised to see new growth and flower buds emerge this spring. Perhaps it is an auspicious event, signifying that I may just yet get the hang of this gardening thang.

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  1. It’s great that you’re getting flowers the first year with this cactus. I had to wait two or three years to get a bloom on my ‘Santa Rita’ prickly pear, but it was worth the wait. Lots of big yellow flowers right now. Your “carrot top” looks like cheerful fun.

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