This little critter was hanging out on the edge of my bean and pea vegetable bed yesterday evening. It appeared to be looking for something and took no mind of me stalking it with the camera. I was actually concerned that there was something wrong as the bee was there for so long, but I know very little about bees. I’m thinking about making some bee houses for next spring to encourage the solitary native bees. I was disappointed this spring when my Golden Currant bush bloomed profusely but only a handful (10, to be exact, because of course I counted) currants formed. While I did see some small native bees hanging around, I think I need to provide more habitat. Hopefully as the plant population increases in my yard, so will the bee population.



The spring winds carry all sorts of things into my yard – most of which I don’t want. However, I was quite pleased when I spotted this guy foraging among the spicy salad greens this afternoon. I wonder if he found anything good to eat. . .